Road Traffic Accidents & Accidents at Work

May 19, 2021

This article gives some brief pointers on practical steps you can take if you are in an accident.  

What to do if you have been in a road traffic accident

  1. Check that everyone involved in the accident is ok
  2. Call the guards
  3. Call an ambulance, if required
  4. Exchange insurance details, names, addresses and phone numbers
  5. Take photos of the scene
  6. Take the name(s) of any witnesses
  7. Take a note of what you remember happening
  8. Contact your insurance company
  9. Contact your solicitor if you need advice on sorting out the damage to your car or if you have injuries.

What to do if you have been in an accident at work

  1. Notify your supervisor and/or manager
  2. Attend your GP or obtain medical assistance on site, if available
  3. Fill in an accident report form
  4. Note any witnesses to the accident
  5. If possible, take pictures of the accident locus/area
  6. Speak to the HR Department if the investigation is ongoing
  7. Contact your solicitor to know your rights

Antoinette Cusack has over 15 years experience in the area of personal injury and employment litigation. Over that time, she has obtained substantial awards for her clients and achieved outcomes which have helped her clients move forward in their lives. 

Antoinette can be contacted on 061-303311 or email [email protected]

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